How To Draw Easy Projects

Cute Elephant

So, you are looking for easy drawing projects?

Do you already know how to draw or are you a beginner? perhaps you just want to follow along, whatever your situation, welcome to my site. I will show you how I draw and hopefully you will join in.

Drawing is not easy although some brilliant artists make it look easy.

It takes a lot of practice, there is so much to learn to even start to get it right, it's a long journey of pleasure and proud moments as you start to improve your art.

Pastel Pencil Tree

Here is a nice little tree drawing I did using Pastel Pencils.

I love this medium, the colours are so vibrant and the pencils give you lots of control in your drawing.

Here is the best part of this drawing - we will not be drawing the tree first in graphic pencil, we will be going straight in with pastel pencils.

The only hard part of this drawing was sharpening the pencils, but I will show you how I did that in a later lesson.

So, what do you think is wrong with this tree?

Contact me and let me know.

Have you already tried to draw something but struggled and need a little extra help, well I'm glad you are here and I hope I can help you.

Have a look through the 'projects' and see if anything takes your fancy and to make it easier for you, the projects come with really easy to follow instructions.

We all have to start somewhere right?

This is my way of drawing and I am more than happy to share it with you.

The only thing you will need is some paper and a few pencils to get started, choose a drawing and away we go.

I will also be adding a few surprises into the mix as we go.

What Tools To Use

Not sure what tools you will need to get started, well I will be using different mediums as I go, such as:

  • graphite pencils
  • pastel pencils
  • watercolour pencils
  • colour pencils

So follow along and you will see what they come out like, then choose for yourself what you want to use.

There are also many different papers you can purchase for different sketching and mediums, I will also cover the different papers you can use as these make a lot of difference to your drawing.

Colour In Drawings

Here is a cute drawing of a little girl taking off her shoes, this is an example of a drawing done in graphite pencil with a delicate amount of pale pink added, I like this effect.

Graphite & Colour Pencil DrawingGraphite & Colour
Pencil Drawing

I will show you how to draw using graphic pencil and how to glam it up by adding colour.

If you want you can just leave the drawings as they are in black and white, it is entirely up to you, both ways make a nice finished drawing.

I will also show you how to blend graphite pencil to create a fabulous drawing.

How To Draw Projects

What to draw?

Well it is not always easy to find drawing ideas when you have just started out.

I think sometimes we look too hard for that perfect subject, but you can take an ordinary subject and make it interesting, this is something that will come with time.

We will cover this subject in the future.

Here are some places on my site you might enjoy, just click the picture to go there.

Finished Drawings
Mounting & Framing

What to do with my finished drawing?

German Shepherd Colour Pencil DrawingGerman Shepherd
Colour Pencil Drawing

When you have finished your piece of fabulous art, you can read how to finish your piece with a sealer (or not) and also how to mount and frame your artwork.

There are many shops today where you can buy cheap frames with mounts, so if you see one you like, measure your drawing to fit the frame.

Imagine This! - Your new project is all finished, mounted and hanging on your wall, how proud are you? I bet you can't stop looking at it.

Watch as people visit you, look at their faces, I think they will also be proud and envious of you, it is a great feeling when you receive compliments on your artwork, you will love it.

Help With Your Drawing

I hope you enjoy my how to draw easy projects and you have picked up lots of little tips along the way which will help you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have and I will do my best to help you.

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